About me

About me

Hello I'm Paula Bianca, thank you for checking my page! My music journey started about 13 years ago, since then I've had record deals, won awards, played concerts, TV shows, malls, worldwide- franchise bars, studios, charity events, award ceremonies...you name it, I've probably done it. Despite the great journey I've had so far I believe the best is still ahead.. always

My musical preference is Rock/Pop classics but I'm experienced in disco, soul, funk, classics, hardrock, country & modern day hits. I find great pride in being an all-round entertainer with the ability to win over and entertain any sort of crowd.

I'm currently available as an acoustic duo, with my band or as a freelance vocalist for projects. To give an impression; one week I could be performing at a hard-rock show, the next week as part of an acoustic  duo and the following week I could be belting out sing along songs with a Party-band. For more info on head out to the services page.

God bless, always! 

Paula Bianca